ArcticChill 98

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High Capacity Direct Chill Cooler with Ambient water

Direct Chill Cooler Dispensing Chilled & Ambient Water

• Chiller capacity: 30 – 40 ltrs of below 12˚C chilled water/hour
• Copious amounts of ambient water
• Can be fitted with drip tray overflow kits & mains drainage
• Fits our standard cowling and wall bracket
• FloodGuard inlet solenoid protects the cooler against large scale flooding
• Impressive 23cm dispensing height

Accessories For The ArcticChill 98

Installation rail with filter. Includes compression fitting, 1-Micron green filter, water block, copper pressure reducing valve & non-return valve.

FloodGuard – closed inlet solenoid only opens to allow water into the cooler, when water is dispensed. By remaining closed all other times it protects the cooler against leaks.

Filter housing with carbon block candle & nanofilter.

Mains drainage – connect the drip tray to mains drainage. Can be supplied with a pump, to pump the
water over 50m & a rise of 5m.

Cowling to fix the cooler securely to the wall. (Supplied separately)

10 litre overflow system with alarm to signal when full. (Factory fitted)

3 Litre overflow kit connects the drip tray to a 3 litre alarmed overflow container. The container has a tap to empty without removing it.

A pumped main drainage system pumps the waste water from the drip tray over a distance of 100m & a rise of 5m. (Factory installed)