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Ice Bank Cooler + CO² – Ice Bank Cooler Without CO² – Bottled Cooler + CO²


AQUALITY IB WG Ice Bank POU Cooler, supplys Chilled & Ambient Water plus Chilled Sparkling Water.
AQUALITY IB Ice Bank POU Cooler, supplys Chilled & Ambient Water.
AQUALITY WG Bottled Cooler

• The AQUALITY range is elegant in design and sturdily built.
• The 1ltr carbonator capacity on WG models allows for a constant output of cups of Chilled Sparkling Water. Carbonated Coolers require a Gas Regulator to connect to the CO² Cylinder.
• Imbedding the Carbonation Unit in the Ice Bank Chiller ensures lasting and excellent carbonation.
• The Ice Bank chilling system ensures a constant chilled temperature of less than 10°C, even at a high incoming water temperature of 20°C and a room temperature of 25°C. (When installing an Ice Bank Cooler, please ensure that the Ice Bank is filled with water before turning the Cooler on. Without water, the Chilling unit will burn out).
• All AQUALITY models come with an integrated Cup Dispenser.
• The KLARAN UVC LED can be retrofitted to the AQUALITY IB Coolers. The KLARAN Processor sits between the Ice Bank Tank and the Dispensing Tap. As the Water passes through, on its way to the Tap, the UVC LED Radiation of the KLARAN destroys Bacteria and Viruses in the Drinking Water.