Refresh 1400

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Presenting the ultimate in convenient and cost effective vending, the all-new Refresh 1400 is designed to satisfy today’s demanding user with a delicious array of hot & cold beverages. Despite its unrivaled capacity, this superbly engineered machine occupies just 0.4 square meters of floor space.


  • Market leading choice of up to 15 primary drink selections (10 In-Cup based drinks, 4 syrup based drinks and a further drinking water selection)
  • Electronically controlled, self opening and closing cup station door ensures both security and safety whilst a drink is being prepared
  • Optional syrup based cold drink system together with high capacity cooler or cooler/carbonator combination to satisfy high throughput requirements
  • Cold Drinks can be served in different cup sizes and styles – ideal for larger portions and/or enhanced presentation
  • High capacity 7.5 litre sugar container fitted as standard


Selections : 10 In-Cup drinks, 4 syrup options and drinking water (still or sparkling)

In-Cup (71mm, 73mm, 76mm)

Standard – 88 per selection = 880 cups
Capacity upgrade – 1280 cups (increased capacity on top 5 selections)

Cup dispenser for cold drinks : 220 cups

Syrups : 4 x 5 litre bottles

Sugar : Huge 7.5 litre capacity hopper


Machine : 610mm (w) x 1850mm (h) x 660mm (d)


Machine : 160 Kg


Operating Voltage : 220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase

Maximum power consumption : 2.5KW (3KW when fitted with chiller) (13A fuse)

Power Cable : 2.5 metre mains lead


Water Source : Mains water connection via 3/4″ BSP fitting (connection hose available)

Water Pressure : Mains water pressure 1.5 – 10 bar (0.15 Mpa – 1 Mpa)

Payment Systems

Available as either a free vend machine or with full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins and tokens, or with full change-giver

Accumulated credit allows multiple vends to be made

Free vend override switch

I-Key cashless payment system compatible.


Ambient or refrigerated cold water

Carbonation for deliciously refreshing cold drinks

CO2 low pressure detector

Illuminated and customised machine identity panel

Compatible with a wide range of DarenthMJS slave machines to offer a complete refreshment solution.