Palma H87 Dual Temperature

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Large capacity with the most balanced features.

The Palma+ H87 DT is prepared to sell any type of products thanks to its double temperature system. Everything you need with large capacity.

Flexible and prepared to vend all kind of product

The Palma H series offers maximum flexibility for programming product capacity and distribution, achieved by its two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles for vending larger-sized products.

Another outstanding feature is its large glass front that acts like an attractive shop window for products, increasing impulse purchases.

The best window for your products

The Palma is designed with an attractive, toughened glass front, transparent sections to improve product visivility and excellent lighting a kind of large shop windows.

Its attractive design and ilumination allows you to increase the impulse purchase of snacks and cold drinks.

Designed to vend products of any size

Prepared to sell all types of products, whatever their presentation style, thanks to the adjustable shelves which allows you to modify the channel width. Besides there is an option to activate two motors at the same time.

The idea is that the machine never limits your options when adapting your range of snacks and cold drinks to market trends.

The Palma+ H70 machine guarantees an interior temperature of 3ºC with exterior conditions of 32ºC and 65% humidity. In addition, it allows incorporates two temperature options in product zone.

100% vandal-proof machine

Avoiding and preventing vandalism is key to public vending operations that depend on snack and drink machines.
The Palma avoids losses due to the iDetect vend system that increases satisfaction and reduces vandalism. In addition, the collection tray is designed to make accessing the product zone impossible.
The machine is virtually a safe, thanks to its case manufactured from galvanized steel, anti-leverage system, steel buttons and triple toughened glass front.

Ecological and sustainable

The Palma has been developed under the 3R rule: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

– We have reduced energy consumption with the incorporation of a LED lighting system, automatic closing of the retrieval zone and improved insulation.
– Designed to lengthen its useful life due to its robustness.
– Made according to RoHS and WEEE European directives.

Reduce the time you spend re-stocking and maintaining each machine

Every day tasks are the key to ensuring that a vending machine fulfils its function, and this was a decisive factor when developing the Palma+ series.

The aim is to make re-stocking and maintenance faster, and to achieve this the following characteristics were included:

– Fully removable trays with door open at 90º.
– Folding upper trays to aid loading.
– EVA/DTS accounting.
– Fast and easy programming and set-up.
– Payment module set up for EXEC and MDB (compatible with note readers and cashless systems).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and weight
HEIGHT 1830 mm
WIDTH 888 mm
DEPTH 875 mm


Maximum trays 7
Maximum channels per tray 8
Maximum selections 56
Number of configurable trays 5
Number of adjustable trays 1
Interface, connectivity and sensors
 I-detect vend system
 Food safety temperature control