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A breath of fresh air

The outstanding feature of the Mistral+ series is its incredible flexibility making it capable of adapting to all types of products, locations and the changes that take place during the evolution of your business.

Each detail in the Mistral+ series has been developed to make it more ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and safe.

Your full range fits in one Mistral

It has been designed to sell all types of products, with or without refrigeration, fragile and delicate, on a small and large scale.

Food safety guaranteed
Designed to meet the strictest health regulations, it has a straightforward temperature and expiry control system that prevents the sale of products in poor condition.

– Refrigeration up to 3ºC.
– Sanitary temperature control system by tray.
– Allocation of expiry dates by selection.

Minimizes expenses related to vandalism.

The Mistral series incorporates the latest technology and safety accessories which prevents vandalism.

– I-Detect product exit detection system.
– Automatic closing of product retrieval zone.
– 6 anchoring points in the payment module.
– Recessed doors and double toughened glass front.
– Optional anti-vandalism payment module.
– Optional cash box security.