Hi Class Top 30

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• Hi Class TOP 30 IB AC WG supplies 30lltr/h Chilled & Ambient Water plus Chilled Sparkling Water.
• Hi Class Top 30 IB AC supplies 30ltr/h Chilled & Ambient Water.
• Ice Bank Chillers are renowned for offering larger quantities of Chilled Water at a consistently lower temperature than conventional Direct Chill Coolers.
• The 1ltr Sparkling Water Carbonator is situated inside the Hi-Class Ice Bank. This results in excellent and long lasting carbonation.
• The Hi Class Top 30 has an outstanding dispensing height of 30cm to facilitate bottle filling.
• The Hi Class Top 30 is an elegant table-top cooler in anthracite livery which stylish chrome accents.
• When installing an Ice Bank Cooler, please ensure thatt the Ice Bank is filled with water before turning the cooler on.Without water, the chilling unit will burn out.
• The Hi Class Top 30 can be retrofitted with contactless dispensing.


Carbonated coolers require a gas regulator to connect the CO²cylinder. Our REGCO2 gas regulator is suitable for 600gm disposable CO² cylinders.

POU Installation rail with filter. Includes compression fitting, 1-Micron green filter, water block, copper pressure reducing valve & non-return valve.

The Hi Class Top 30 can be factory fitted with Contactless Dispensing to avoid hand to hand contamination.