Bolero Turbo 202

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Provided with 2 large instant canisters for coffee. As the name Turbo suggests, the machine has been developed for places where there is high demand for coffee. This machine has the facility to fill two decanters of coffee simultaneously in next to no time.

Features Bolero Turbo 202

  • Quick dispensing.
  • For locations with a water supply.
  • 4 buttons per drink e.g. cup, mug, decanter and free-flow serving.
  • Separate hot water outlet for making tea.
  • Simultaneous serving of 2 drinks.
  • Clear menu with LCD lighting.
  • High ROI thanks to the patented hot water system (less susceptible to scaling).
  • Smooth ingredient flow thanks to the patented Bravilor Bonamat ingredient mixing system, which prevents clogging in the mixing systems.

The Bolero Turbo machines feature as standard a rinsing program, energy saving mode, day and cumulative counters. The machines indicate when descaling is necessary and when the drip-tray is full.


  • Coffee
  • Hot water
Energy label A+
Canister contents
  • 2×5,3 liter
Hour capacity
  • 120 liter
  • 40 liter
Water pressure
  • 1 bar
Water connection
  • 400V 3N~ 50/60Hz 10500W
  • 230V 50/60Hz 3500W
Dimensions wxdxh
  • 333x484x813 mm
Tap height
  • 110/247 mm
Article number
  • Bolero Turbo 202
  • Bolero Turbo 202